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22 January, 2020

So you’ve made it to the all-new camper portal – The Compass.  Thanks for finding us here and checking it all out!  Before we get in to what’s new on The Compass, let’s do a recap on what this site is all about and what it’s intended for.  Whether you’re new to the site, or were with us on the old site, we will all be on the same page.

The Compass is an online space that keeps the feeling of camp alive in between visits each summer. On The Compass you are able to stay connected to other campers (and us too!) through many features of the site, including this blog and the social section called Camp Connect.  We want this site to be a place that supports you in many ways, and helps with the transfer of learning from camp to your home community.

As for what’s new…let’s dig in.  

What you may notice right away is that the site is now open to the general public.  Anyone who visits www.thethcompass.com will be able to see content….BUT…not all of it!  There’s still a private, member-only section just for campers.

In the member-only section you’ll find features that are specific to your experience in the Summer Program.  You’ll notice that Camp Connect is still available but is refreshed and ready for discussion and posts from you, other campers, and from us!   You’ll also see tabs for searching other members of the site, a space to fill in your Constructive Actions, and even a brand new feature that will EVENTUALLY show your camp dates and location.  Don’t get too excited yet though – camp dates won’t be finalized until later in February!  But once they are, that will be the place to learn where you’re going this summer.  Lastly in this member-only section is your account info.  In this space you can update your password, your username, and also upload your profile picture.

Another new feature is that campers can toggle between the English and French sites if they wanted to!  If you are a bilingual camper, you’ll now be able to speak to friends on both the English “Camp Connect” AND the French “Connexion Camp”. 

You’ll also notice that the look and feel of the site is different.  We now have our very own logo, and you will see that logo blasted all over camp this summer.  A lot of the content is the same as the old site, but maybe just moved around.  We encourage you all to snoop around the site and get familiar with where all the information is.   For example, information on what the camp program is all about, including travelling to camp, can be found under “The Tims Camp Journey” tab.   Information about post-secondary education and career information can be found under “Resources”, and so forth. 

We’re excited to finally be in this new space, and hope you like it just as much as we do.  You’re always welcome to give us feedback and suggestions about things you’d like to see posted, ideas for content…anything really. You can tell us in the comments on blog posts, in Camp Connect, or even by emailing thecompass@thcf.com.  This is your space, and your way to stay connected year-round to camp, so tell us how you feel!

Now go poke around and see what’s new!


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