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25 March, 2020

Hello friends!

My name is Kelly.  I am a Level 4 camper this year and I’m going to Tim Horton Memorial Camp this year.

I am mainly here to talk to you about what to do during your break away from school.  I realize that after about 3 days of not seeing your friends, not getting up at 6:00am to go to school and many other factors it can really pay a toll on us in the end; myself included!

If you are wondering what you can do while you’re off of school, here are a few Ideas to help you through:


Remember those pictures you took while on your wilderness trip last summer? Perhaps the cabin pictures or pictures you took on disposable cameras. Sit down with those pictures, an empty scrapbook and some fun backgrounds and start putting it together!  Personally I have an individual scrapbook for every one of my levels. This will also be a good time to paste your pictures into your YLP Scrapbook.


Regardless of your age or gender.  Take some time out of your day and relax!  Self-care is one of the best ways to de-stress and stay calm.  Put on a facemask, take a bath, drink some tea. Remember that any progress is still progress!


Have an old guitar sitting around that is collecting dust?  Pick it up, tune it up and find some Youtube videos! There are a lot of helpful videos from many different accounts.  This goes for pretty much any and all instruments.

Do you have little siblings or are you babysitting? There are many different academic learning websites that are fun and educational.  Use Kahoot or math games to help them retain their geometry, counting and english skills. This will also be a good time to teach them how to read an analog clock!


One of the main contributors to teen depression and being tired and drained is the fact that we are always online.  I know how hard it can be to put down your phone. But being distracted is the best thing you can do in a time like this!  Perhaps write a story, read a book, start a new Netflix series, check on your older friends and stay in touch!


During times like these I realize that it is super easy to stay in bed or become a couch potato.  One thing we must keep in mind is that we have to stay or get active! There is no need to go outside if you don’t feel like it.  (Although statistics show that a person should get at least 2 hours of fresh air every week!) There are a lot of fun exercises that are on Youtube.  Take that jar of peanut butter and do 10 reps on each side. Another way we can de-stress is doing Yoga. Stretching out your muscles after you wake up is one of the best ways to wake up your mind for a great day of online learning.


At times like this it is really easy to get out of your standard routine.  Take an evening to plan out your next day. Set an alarm for the same time (roughly) every morning.  Just to ensure that you stay into a routine and you still have time for yourself after finishing your school work.  This can be very helpful when trying to stay in a routine and not fall behind or dig yourself into a hole.


At camp one of my favourite things to do when at the bunkhouse or cabin is to make friendship bracelets.  We all remember the copious amounts of anklets and bracelets we had when we went home. I still have some from many years ago.  Rather than going out, if your mom is like mine, she does needlepoint. There are probably some threads that she is no longer using, that she would be willing to let you use, just ask!  Also there were tons of kits that I got as birthday presents when i was younger that had tons of yarn, thread and string. There are so many different kinds of patterns. My personal favourite is the Staircase.  But I also like others such as; Chevron, Diamond and Arrowhead. There are so many, just Google some different patterns!

I really hope these help you with your future endeavours during the time off.  Please remember to stay home, stay safe and wash your hands.

Think camp!


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