We Believe in You(th)

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1 November, 2019

In 8 days the entire Tim Hortons community will come together on Camp Day – the one day a year that the entire proceeds of coffee sales (and iced coffee in the US!!), goes to Tims Camps to get you all to camp.  If you’ve stopped by a Tims location you will have seen all the staff members in their new red Camp Day shirts, the bracelets, hats and teddy bears being sold and windows painted with messages to support Camp Day on June 5th.

But have you ever wondered how it all began?

In 1986 a group of Restaurant Owners in Atlantic Canada decided that they wanted to have a Tim Hortons camp in Atlantic Canada, just like the first camp in Parry Sound, Ontario.  They knew that this would take some extraordinary fundraising efforts to have money to build the camp, so they came up with the idea to donate the proceeds of coffee sales from one day from every Atlantic Canada restaurant.  On May 6, 1987 the “First Annual Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Day” occurred raising over $131,000 on that day.  With some additional fundraisers at the site of the new camp, along with corporate donations, they met their fundraising goal, and the Tim Horton Children’s Camp opened in 1988 on the shores of the Northumberland Strait in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.  It wasn’t until 1991 that the fundraiser went chain-wide and every Tim Hortons location from coast to coast was donating coffee sales on what they referred to as “Camp Day Canada”. It’s incredible to see the vision of the original Restaurant Owners and corporate staff still alive and thriving today as we approach the 32nd Camp Day since its early beginnings in 1987.

One thing that remains the same throughout the years is the ‘why’.  Why does an entire community of Restaurant Owners, guests of Tim Hortons, corporate staff and all of us at Tims Camps, work tirelessly on the success of Camp Day?

To put it simply – we believe in you(th).

We believe that when you(th) thrive, communities will also thrive. We believe that your repeated experience in our camp programs can be a powerful tool for change and growth in your life, and it is our extreme pleasure to empower you to pursue a life without limits.  You’ve given us examples time after time of what this camp experience means to you, and the tools you’ve been equipped with that will help you throughout your life.  Your stories and your growth is all we need.  You are the why.

And we look forward to more stories of growth and development, thanks to the biggest day of the year (in our books) – Camp Day!


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