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7 February, 2019

As a Grade 11 student, who films, writes and edits events for organizations, my leisure time is always limited. I find myself living in the sanctuary of my room, forgetting to shower, not calling my friends back, and even going as far as to shaving my head because I was too preoccupied to take care of my Afro. It was like I was the audience watching my life unfold and rating it a mediocre 3 out of 10.

So, what do you do at such situation? You Detox.  Humans are originally made of three components, the soul, mind and body. By taking special interest and caring for each department, your overall earthly vessel will thank you.  I think I’ll call this newly discovered process {Self-Care}.

Firstly, detox the mind. The mind is quite complex in its manner. I’ve always wondered, “How do we function with so much information in our head?” It’s simply a fascinating subject; just by understanding symbols and scribbles, we Read. Just by processing the unique sounds coming from our months, we Speak. Not to mention the millions of languages and dialects created by humans! We are a perfect piece of balance for intellect and creativity! Do you not see, “with great power comes great responsibility!” We are responsible for the well-being and source of our Superpower. How do you do it? With Meditation, Crossword Puzzles, Mind Games, Puzzles. With board games like Monopoly, Spiders Web and Kings. Even watching your favourite movie with the subtitles on, challenges your brain to read and spell.

Secondly, detox the soul. Your soul is precious. It’s your self-consciousness manifested into a being. Not everyone is Spiritual, yet it should be no excuse to neglect your soul. Luckily, this is an easy department to detox. Simply do a good deed! Volunteer to an organization, help your family or guardian with a task, cook a meal for your siblings. My mom works during night shifts, so sometimes we have cereal and occasionally granola bars for breakfast. For the past few weeks, I’ve woken up at 5 am to cook breakfast for my siblings. Sometimes, I want to roll over and continue to sleep, but I want my siblings wake up to the smell of bacon and omelette every day. I don’t want them to ever wake up to a bland house. By simply doing that small deed, I’m detoxing my soul, and filling my donuts with delicious jelly.

Finally, detox the body, it’s your existence, who you are, who you will be. Please don’t follow my example and shower. Invest in a bathroom that makes you feel like a Queen n King in silk wardrobes. Personal Hygiene works its way to a good first impression. A Healthy Body is more important than an advertised figure.  Exercise does not have to be a trivial part of your life. I, for one, started doing Yoga with Christmas songs! Getting Festive and Sweaty is the best way to start your day. There isn’t much more I can write, I am still learning has I go. I feel better knowing that you are taking this journey with me.

Have a great day,



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