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9 June, 2020

Although we are all used to navigating the outdoors in a camp environment, this year has given us the unique opportunity to navigate some new territory online!

While we are anxiously waiting to see all our campers virtually, we wanted to help you prepare with some reminders about how to keep safe online!

Keeping Passwords in a Safe Space

Using a safe place to keep your passwords is always a good idea! This could be in a notebook or somewhere offline so that you can access them. Also if you need help to remember your passwords you can ask your parent/guardian to help you out with that! To keep yourself safe make sure you are keeping your passwords, login information, and personal information to yourself and not sharing it with anyone.  

Have Respect for Others

This tip will go a long way, no matter where you are! Keep this in mind while you navigate the online world. Respect is something that we wish to have from others, but also something we should give in return. Making sure we are kind, and not sending rude or hurtful messages to others will make sure that we all enjoy the eCamp experience.

Video Calls – Don’t Forget the Mute Button!

When using video calling it is important to keep in mind that anyone else on the call can hear you, or things that are happening around you. When your counsellors or others are speaking placing yourself on mute will help others be able to hear what the person talking is saying! It may take some time to get used to but is worth it in the end!

Choosing a Space for eCamp

While using video calling for eCamp is going to make connecting with campers and counsellors a lot more personable, it is good to keep in mind what others can see and hear on your video. Choosing a space where you can focus and have fun is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of eCamp.

Keeping Your Device Charged

Having your device charged and ready to go for eCamp activities will set you up for success this summer! Video calling and other online platforms tend to use up a lot of battery power. Keeping a charger and an outlet close to the space you are using for eCamp will ensure you do not miss any of the eCamp fun!

Check out the link below for some additional tips to help keep you safe while online:

Happy Navigating!


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