Fantastic Trips – From the Comfort of your Home!

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16 June, 2020

Have you ever wanted to visit the Louvre in Paris or visit wild animals in the comfort of your own home?

Here are some links for some awesome adventures you can take from the comfort of your own home! If you find anymore cool and exciting places to virtually visit leave a comment below!

Cincinnati Zoo

Each day at 3 pm EST the Cincinnati Zoo goes live on their Facebook page with information about animals from all over their zoo. The videos usually focus around one type of animal including sloths, flamingos and porcupines! If you want to check them out, here is the link to their Facebook page!

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

From many live cameras and galleries to choose from you could explore this underwater world all day long! Ripley’s Aquarium has live feeds of sharks, rainbow reef, ray bay and jellyfish for you to watch and enjoy while at home! To see more of what Ripley’s has to offer check out:

The Louvre

 Have you ever wanted to go to Paris and check out some amazing art? Well now is your chance! The Louvre has 7 exhibits open on their website for you including Founding Myths: From Hercules to Darth Vader and Egyptian Antiquities. These tours will transport you to different worlds while checking them out! Follow the link for more tours from le Louvre!

We hope you have fun checking out these online excursions! Let us know your favourite below or other links to fun virtual trips that you have found!


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