Community Service Project Grants

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24 January, 2019

Do you have an idea for a community service project that tackles a need in your community, but don’t have the money to make it happen?  Maybe it was something you thought about doing for your Constructive Actions, but it would have cost too much to fund it yourself?

Well here’s some good news – there are many organizations that exist to help youth with their community service goals! 


If you’ve identified a need in the community, and thought of a way to support that need, you can look to #RisingYouth for funding.  There are 3 different funding levels, $250, $750 and $1500, each with their own requirements and submission deadlines.

For a thorough application overview, and more FAQs, please visit

You can also look through some of the stories of youth who’ve applied for the grants and how their projects have made a positive impact on their community and themselves.


If you’re ready to take action on a project you’ve thought of or would simply like to join in with other youth tackling issues in the community, you can look to Youth Service America (YSA) for grants and volunteer opportunities. There are currently 4 Grant Programs to look through, each with their own requirements and submission deadlines.

For information on how to apply for grants and more information visit

Take some time to check these resources out, and if you want help understanding them further, we’re always here to help!  Just post a message on Camp Connect or you can email and we will be happy to chat.


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