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Navigating your way through high school can be tricky. Finding help doesn’t have to be. We’re here to help!

Is homework weighing you down?

Find tips and tricks to set yourself up for success when tackling your homework.

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Do you need extra support and don’t know where to find it?

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Are exams stressing you out?

Knowing what kind of learner you are can help you understand the best way to study.

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Exams coming up? These 10 studying tips can set you up for exam success!

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Need help with focusing and motivation?

It can feel like there’s too much to do sometimes, but finding ways to focus and ultimately succeed is possible.

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Practicing mindfulness is a great way to stay focused and on top of things!

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Looking to connect with your fellow camperS?

Share updates and catch up with the friends you have made (or will make) at camp!