eCamp is Underway!

Happened At Camp
15 July, 2020

Well it is FINALLY HERE! After all of our campers were waiting patiently we started eCamp last week! What a week it was, all the Program Managers, Program Coordinators, and eCounsellors are so excited to see you, and finally get eCamp underway!

If you are a camper and reading this just remember that YOU make eCamp possible, without campers we would not have camp, so thank you so much for coming along for the ride!

As we continue throughout the summer, we just want to make eCamp a place where camper’s voices are heard and we want to make this summer the best it can be! This space was made for campers as somewhere you can enjoy camp, and hopefully have an unforgettable summer!

So maybe you are wondering, “I have a super awesome idea for eCamp, but who do I share it with?” Here at the Tims Camps we loving getting ideas, especially from campers, and we want to make sure that your voice is heard this summer.

As we are going into our eCabins this week, this gives you the perfect opportunity to bring any ideas you may have about eCamp up to your eCounsellors! They will listen to your ideas, and bring them to staff who can look at them, and may be able to implement them!

Now to make sure you are set up for success this summer, and make sure everyone is taking care of themselves here are some Self-Care Tips from Kids Help Phone!


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