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Happened At Camp
27 February, 2020

My name is Grace but at camp, people call me Doug. I have been going to various summer camps every summer since I was 7 years old. Currently, I am the Manager of Youth Development at Tim Hortons Foundation Camps, working alongside the Youth Advisory Council, and supporting campers with their transition to life after high school and camp.

When you search the definition of Camp on the internet you get, “a place with temporary accommodations.” Technically this is true, however if you have ever been to camp you know that it is often much more than that.

Camp is the older sibling that you never knew you wanted. Camp is a supportive friend through the tough times where you thought no one would understand. Camp is your number one fan when you’re about to make a big decision. We talk about Camp as if they are a singular person; however Camp is more of a feeling. The feeling of being able to be the best version of yourself without anyone telling you otherwise. The reason we have the “camp sick” feeling in the middle of the winter is usually because we are craving the feeling of being unapologetically ourselves around people who lift us up. On The Compass, we are trying to welcome that feeling of camp 365 days a year.

That all being said, welcome the feeling of camp into the rest of your life and show others how to do the same.

Talk soon,



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