A Day in the e-Life


The Gr8 Beads have been a signature concept of the Tim Horton’s Foundation Camps for many years. These themes will help influence the activities for the week, with a few surprises along the way! Here are your weekly themes for eCamp 2020:

WEEK 1: Blue/Goal Setting

To kick off eCamp you will be introduced to learning about creating and setting goals for summer and beyond.

WEEK 2: Purple/ Peace

This week you get to get in touch with reflection and meditation, and overall building a foundation for a successful summer.

WEEK 3: Yellow/Relationships

Working on relationships with other campers, and also learning skills that transfer to life outside eCamp.

WEEK 4: Red/Teamwork

With the foundation of healthy relationships within your cabin groups, this week we will work on skills to tackle challenges as a team.

WEEK 5: Green/Challenge

This will be the “peak” of our summer experience using what you have learned so far to overcome activities together.

WEEK 6: Pink/Responsibility

Working on seeing where you fit in your cabin, camp and community at large.

WEEK 7: Orange/Motivation

As we move closer to the end of the summer, we are going to use motivation week to celebrate achievements as a group, and as individuals.

WEEK 8: Teal/Reflection

As we prepare to say goodbye to all the friends we have made this summer we take time to reflect on all we have accomplished, on how this experience will influence your life beyond eCamp.


Each morning to start off the day you will have an edition of the Morning News. During this section of the day you can look forward to camp wide announcements, and a Quote of the Day for a little inspiration to start your day off right.


Cabin Connection is a time for you to connect with your cabin group by building relationships and playing some awesome camp games. After meeting with your eCabin, you can engage with content and workshops related to GR8 Beads and Constructive Actions at your own pace! These will be dropping daily on Nearpod.


Coming soon to screen near you!


The journal and debrief time gives you a chance to think about your day through thoughtful journaling. Looking for inspiration, journal prompts go live daily at 7:30 pm!


These camp wide activities will include some of your favourite camp wide games, but also some new ones too!


Take some time on Friday to reflect on the week at eCamp, and have fun with other campers!